Grab a cup of sweet tea (or whatever your drink of choice is) and get to know us! We hope that by the time you leave, you feel like an old friend of ours and have a top-notch website to boot! Like what you see? Give us a shout, we would love to work with you!


Our mission is to provide our customers with a fun and enjoyable website experience, where they can relax and know everything is taken care of!


Our vision is to help small businesses and non-profits put their best foot forward when it comes to their site!


We value you! We want everyone we interact with to feel welcome and cared for! Your business matters to you, therefore it matters to us.

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Relax. Drink some tea. We've got this for you!

We know what it is like to be overwhelmed when starting something new. We can help take some of the pressure off by handling all the website details, so you can get back to planning ad running your business/non-profit. Let us change your site so that you can get back to changing the world.

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Our Story

When the Covid pandemic hit our founder Lindsay was laid off from her current job. She had already been considering making a career change and when the layoffs came she decided to harness the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. She signed up for website development and design classes through a company, Skillcrush, and thus a new career had begun! Through the help of an amazing boss and mentor over at Lavender Turtle Creative, Tea Lemon Tech was born and ready to serve those who are in need of some website assistance.

We love helping assist small businesses and non-profits! However, we are open to helping out others too, just give us a holler!

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on helping small businesses and non-profits, here are some reasons why to pick us.

Fast Work

We work hard to deliver our finished product in a timely manner.

High Skill

We strive to constantly update our skills and deliver professional products.

Efficient Work

We try to make all of our sites highly functional and easy to navigate.

Proper Care

We listen to you! We want your sie to represent you and your brand.

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Meet the Owner

A self-professed sweet tea addict, Lindsay is the owner and mastermind behind Tea Lemon Tech, a sweet and refreshing creative biz that helps do-good nonprofits and small businesses do more with less.

She was born and raised in the Palmetto State (South Carolina) where she studied biology, sociology, and psychology. She now has her master’s degree in theology and has taken web courses online at Skillcrush!

Looking to gitty up out of the Carolinas, Lindsay galloped into Kentucky, home of the Derby, with her hubby Spencer.

As a former Disney cast member, she learned how to transform the client experience into something quite magical.

Now she spends her time un-hacking sites and making the web a better place one update at a time.

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It's Time for a Refresh!

Interested in working together? Then we would love to chat!